Vinyl Courier

     Vinyl Courier started in the fall of 2019 with four music students from Littleton, Colorado with a passion for performing. After performing together at School of Rock Littleton, the desire to perform original music brought the band together.

     Inspired by early 2000s rock, the outfit brings a hard-hitting, danceable indie rock sound to any stage. Vocalist/guitarist Cassie Collins, guitarist Cal Fowler, bassist V Van Nostern Walsh, and drummer Zach Marks combine their individual musical backgrounds to create music that is as energetic as it is memorable.

     The band's single and first release "Tell Me" received a praising review from Westword Magazine and positive response from their audience. Since then, the band's debut EP All For Show has been released on all platforms. The band was a featured artist on Indie 102.3 for the month of June. Vinyl Courier’s authentic spirit shines through with their crowd-engaging live performances and infectious, dynamic sound.

Our Music

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